Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Makeup: MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow

Today I uploaded a video to my Youtube channel to chat about my latest obsession, MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadows. Here are some closer shots of the shades I have and a few more details :)

Each contain 3.4g of product, compared to the standard 1.5g in regular MAC eyeshadows. They retail for £17 each, however, I purchased the majority of mine at my local Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) or during one of Debenhams frequent 10% off sales so have yet to pay full price :)

MAC describes these as:

A unique longwearing Eye Shadow with a silky, creamy texture formulated for maximum colour impact. Easily blendable and buildable; lids are visibly smooth no matter how intense the application. Lasts 8 hours.

I certainly find the ones I have to have a creamy, soft texture. In my opinion, Sweet Satisfaction has the best texture of the bunch. Whilst these aren't the most pigmented eyeshadows on the market, I find them easy to blend and build up colour intensity. I think wear time is dependent on your own lids and if you choose to wear a primer or not, I have not experienced any issues with creasing though.

Hot Paprika

Hot Paprika is described as a mid-tone burnt red, I find it to be slightly orangey in tone with a pinky shimmery flash despite it's satin finish. I love to pair this with red browns and cranberry-type colours.

Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool is described as a dark grey brown. As I mentioned in my video, I find it difficult to find greys that don't turn blue on my skin. Fortunately for me, this shadow has enough brown in it to prevent that but not enough for it to be classed as a type. I like to pair this with taupey silvers or wear it by itself smudged out along the lashline for a rock chick look.

Lie Low

Lie Low is described as a dark frosted golden brown. To me it has almost a metallic finish, you can really see the golden undertones flash in the light. This shade pairs beautifully with golds and peaches but also looks lovely as a "one shadow" look.


Mauveless is described as a dark dirty mauve. This shade is the most unique to my collection, I have nothing else like it. It's really hard to describe as it's kind of a pinky red purpley grey. I love to use this shade to blend out crease colours to add a pop of interest. I do have to be a little bit careful with it though as the matte texture and red undertones can make my eyes look a little tired and bruised.

One To Watch

One To Watch is described as a light warm brown. I love the orange undertones in this shade because it really makes my blue eyes "pop". It pairs wonderfully with bronzes, golds and other warm shades, as well as deeper plums for a super autumnal look.

Sweet Satisfaction

Sweet Satisfaction is described as a soft neutral biege. I love this shade because it's quite similar to my beloved, but discontinued, Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Ruthless. This shade has more gold in it but I find it to be a great substitute. As it's quite neutral it pairs beautifully with a whole spectrum of other shades but it also looks beautiful with some black winged liner and a bright lip.

Below are all the shades swatched together so you can compare them :)

Swatched left to right:
Hot Paprika, Keep Your Cool, Lie Low, Mauveless, One To Watch, Sweet Satisfaction

There is a whole array of shades in this line, although I am admittedly drawn to the more neutral colours. I do keep my eyes peeled every time I pop to the CCO to see if another one of my wishlist shades has appeared, after all, who doesn't like to get a wishlist item at a bargain price?

I'd definitely like to have a look at the other Pro Longwear lines, have you guys tried anything? If you have do you have any recommendations?


  1. Ooh you have some gorgeous colours here! I love the look of mauveless. xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  2. I do like the Pro Longwear Eyeshadows but I just wish some of the colours were more pigmented! Sweet Satisfaction looks gorgeous!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers


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